What Do Americans Do Now?

The election is over. Votes remain outstanding and are currently being counter or “manufactured” in several states. President Trump is planning to file suit to stop the count in Michigan Wednesday afternoon, after taking similar steps in Wisconsin. Activists around America have spent most of the day wondering what, if anything, can be done to protect the integrity of our voting process.

Major League Liberty USA Editor Jacob Engels wrote earlier today about the shenanigans taking place in Pennsylvania, where the state Supreme Court recently ruled that ballots with no postmark would be counted as valid votes as long as they “materialized” at an elections center by this Friday.

Most Americans, not being lawyers or political operatives with vast resources, are now stuck watching this unfold across America. What can you do from your living room? Will it be enough? Should you be waiting for a signal from the Trump campaign or conservative commentators and activists?

The short answer is this. We cannot afford to sit, wait, wish for the best. We also understand that our ability to effect change has been greatly impacted by the censorship of conservative voices on social media by Big Tech giants in Silicon Valley.

Hobbled by censorship and exhausted by this election process, we at Major League Liberty USA are urging our readers to do their research and find ways to support activists on the ground in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. Share their stories on social media (if you still have it), send emails to friends and family members encouraging them to do the same.

If you see something, say something.

Do not feel despondent, but also understand that so much of what we see happening right now has been pre-determined by the political establishment and globalist elite who will DO ANYTHING to stop President Trump from securing another term.

However, unity among many can defeat the power of these select few. Make everything you do until this election is called an act of resistance against those power hungry elitists, the select few attempting to turn America into another outpost of globalism.

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