Unpacking Election Sadness & Madness

For four years we heard nothing from the lame-stream media other than that Trump was a “Russian Puppet” for Putin’s Dictatorship, all without any credible evidence. Yet, the Democratic Party and their allies in the media pushed the narrative before our President even took office.

The irony is that now we may have a real puppet of the Communist Party with the purported election of Joe Biden, whose son had lucrative deals with both Ukraine and China, with evidence that Biden was a direct financial beneficiary. Have the Democrats or the mainstream media ever mentioned or questioned Biden over his son’s dealings with Burisma or China even though it is public knowledge that his son received millions of dollars from these countries. There is a paper and money trail a mile long. As Biden himself bragged, he demanded the firing of the Ukranian Prosecuter, who was actively investigating Burisma, and effectively stopped the investigation by holding back US taxpayer dollars if they did not accede to his demand.

Joe Biden will likely be our next President and our Country will be compromised. It is more than time they start asking Biden some real questions. Now we have a new election hoax. Except this time, it is no hoax. The sad truth, although no surprise, is that since the drive-by media only throws Biden softballs and have yet, with few exceptions, even reported or investigated Biden or his son, the American people to date have entirely failed to receive any reasonable explanation of those dealings. In fact, the media has actively suppressed any such inquiry. The media has shown no interest in what were Biden or his son’s dealings and what is the quid pro quo that compromise Biden with America’s number one nemesis, Communist China.

As soon as The New York Post’s article appeared regarding this story, it was shared on both Facebook and Twitter. It was immediately blocked, taken down and ignored by the Biden cheerleaders in the media. Their glee and giddiness over this election is difficult to swallow. It is in fact heartbreaking that our media is so bias but in addition and perhaps even more threatening is its active censorship and the loss of freedom of the press. It is one of the warning signs of America leaning towards Socialism. To some extent this election loss is the Republican’s own fault. Trump won in 2016 because almost all Americans believed that Hillary Clinton had it in the bag. The Democrats were shocked and horrified by his victory. However, this time they had a plan to take him down and anyone associated with him that were in their way. They spent the next four years destroying innocent lives.   Anybody who presented an obstacle or threat, as they saw it, became a target and they wasted tens of millions of American taxpayer dollars investigating them, whether justified or not. The only people convicted of any crimes, were not at all related to the election of Donald J. Trump. Decent people’s lives were destroyed and or financially devastated in these witch hunts. Men such as General Flynn, who by the FBI’s own admission did nothing wrong and only pled once they bankrupted him and threatened his son with trumped up charges. Roger Stone’s life was turned upside down and even though he was cooperating with authorities, they raided his house before dawn, with his deaf wife at home and a CNN News truck there to capture the show. Paul Manafort’s crimes had nothing to do with Trump’s campaign or election. George Papadopoulos and Carter Page were used as pawns in the Left’s game of chess to take down a duly elected President. They used them just as they used anybody and anything in an effort to block our President from doing his job and have people continually questioning the legitimacy of his Presidency.

Unfortunately, as the investigating, slander and libel continued they then appointed Robert Mueller as a Special Prosecutor to investigate these trumped up allegations. Sadly, for Mueller, this put a deep stain on his career and reputation as an objective prosecutor. Although he alluded to several possible crimes, in the end, none of those allegations were proven. When he appeared before Congress to testify, they made him look like a fool, who did not even know the circumstances of what exactly he was investigating. He did not even know what was in his own report.

However, the real story now lies in how this election is being stolen from the American people. While much remains to be uncovered, it is now clear the election was rife with fraud. Never ones to waste a crisis, the Democrats used the COVID mania to rig this election and now endeavor to change how elections proceed in the future. Republicans are not without blame as they underestimated the lengths the Democrats would go to place a propped up Joe Biden into office. The Republicans were not prepared to cover all the election sites where, even if they were allowed in, they were not able to see the ballots. You may think it is sour grapes but the cheating was in plain sight. More significantly, the Democrats used COVID as a means to propagate and then manipulate the very unverifiable mail in ballots. We have known for months of this disease and how dangerous it was to the elderly and those with preexisting conditions. This allowed plenty of time to allow for use of conventional absentee ballots. Under the guise of danger to the people who may have to wait in line to vote, a number of swing states employed a wild system of indiscriminate mailing out of unsolicited live ballots, notwithstanding the obvious multiple paths to fraud this allowed, and including the reality that approximately ten percent of Americans move annually. Trump was well ahead on election night and then suddenly the counting stopped. That in itself is a suspicious thing to have happened. They claimed a flood caused the counting to stop in Atlanta, but that ended up being a stopped -up toilet. In most states, in order to drive a car, get on a plane or leave the country you need valid ID. In certain states, by allowing this voting process, there was no way to validate citizenship on any of these mail in ballots. The signatures were on the envelopes and the envelopes were destroyed. There were so many abnormalities you wonder how the media can continue to call themselves journalists yet largely not cover this critical and still unfolding story. In fact, Pennsylvania violated its own state Constitution by allowing this new voting system. If they do not go back to regular voting rules, how will we ever trust an election again. Proving any of this may be all but impossible.

Trump was America’s hope. He made promises and he followed through on them: reducing taxes on American corporations and individuals, placing sanctions on China for unfair trade deals, reducing unnecessary regulations, allowing small businesses and farmers to prosper and bolstering the middle class to once again live decent and hopeful futures. He gave many the chance of the American dream. He built miles and miles of wall, slowing illegal immigration and the flow of deadly and illegal drugs. His enemies were far and wide. Big business, because they want cheap labor, and the Democrats because they want more voters fought any effort at stemming the flow of illegal immigrants. Perhaps most horrifically, was as Obama pretended to welcome and wish Trump well, he was secretly using his Administration, including the Justice Department and the FBI, to spy on candidate and then President Tump’s every move. In my opinion, there has not been a more transparent President than President Trump. He did not want any more wars. And I do not believe there is a racist bone in his entire body. In fact, wages for the most needy increased more under Trump than any president since the great President Reagan.

I believe we will regret the outcome of this election, unless this grave injustice is corrected. Trump was not a swamp creature and that made him dangerous to those in government who made side deals with Big Pharma, big banking houses and perhaps the most dangerous, Big Tech. Giving the tech overlords the freedom to decide what the truth is and delete posts they do not like and put warnings on tweets they judge to be offensive is only a part of the election interference that was so prevalent. This sadly is censorship and with censorship comes those with power to decide whether your words, beliefs and freedoms are valid. My fear is that as sad as it is that Trump will not get the four years more to finish what he started. I hope and prayer is that somehow the truth will make it through the media censor and America will awaken and realize the sham that is being perpetrated. Most importantly, President Trump cared about all Americans and gave them hope and transparency. The only good thing that might come out of this is that the Democrats, so hungry for power, is a fractured party so their quest for power and control might just divide and destroy them as the more power they acquire the more they desire.

While the Left is already wholly corrupted, Lord Acton’s warning will likely be actualized if this travesty is allowed to come to fruition. Fight for justice in the re-election of President Trump and please do all you can to ensure we hold the Senate on January 5th. Thank you and my prayers are with you and your families for a blessed holiday.

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