Twitter Will Now Police “Dehumanizing” Language

Twitter has spent years censoring, shadowbanning and ultimately deleting anyone who questions the ideals of globalism and the far left mantra of present. You can’t even criticize or critique anyone that is a member of “protected classes” and even saying that there are only two genders can get you in trouble.

However, if  you want to call for violence against people with whom you disagree, based on their political beliefs or religion or the simple fact that they are Caucasian, you have a green light from the tech giant. And now Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is expanding their “hate speech” policy to include any content that dehumanizes people based on their race, ethnicity or national origin. If their past history of selective enforcement of their policies, enforcement directed at those who who hold conservative beliefs 99.99% of the time, this means Twitter has given themselves another avenue to push the remaining anti-globalist users off their platform.

What qualifies as “dehumanizing language”? If we at Major League Liberty USA were to criticize someone because of their allegiance to the Communist Party of China would that qualify as “dehumanizing language” based on national origin? If we were to criticize Ilhan Omar for trivializing 9/11 and supporting Radical Islam, would that qualify? We could go on with more examples, but you get the point and the point is that both of those statements and everything in between would certainly be a violation of Twitter’s recently expanded policies.

But what if a member of a protected class criticized someone for their “white privilege” or for their being born and raised in America? That you see, would not be a violation at all. 

Twitter and other tech platforms deep involvement in creating a dystopian 1984’esque future for America and the world should be of grave concern to anyone with an allegiance to freedom and liberty.

With these new policies, they are one step away from policing language that makes protected classes “feel bad”, TO HELL anyone else.

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