Pro-Antifa Racist Wants To Lead Florida Democrats

Wes Hodge, the Chairman of the Orange County Democrats in Central Florida, has announced his campaign for Chairman of the Florida Democrat Party according to an article by Florida Politics. Hodge, who was elected in 2017 to lead Central Florida Democrats is no friend to freedom of speech or diversity of thought, which shouldn’t come as a shocker to anyone who understands the modern Democrat party.

This journalist has covered Hodge for years for the Central Florida Post. Hodge is well-known to have a short temper and vindictive streak, mainly against members of his own party who challenge his totalitarian leadership style. He has been accused of rigging party elections and once had this journalist trespassed from public meetings of the Orange County Democrats for questioning Hodge about his attempts to bribe an African-American candidate for Orange County Sheriff to drop out of the race. According to the candidate, businessman Darryl Sheppard, Hodge offered him $10,000 in a Chicago-style bribery scheme if Sheppard would drop out and back the White Democrat establishment candidate Hodge had anointed.

Sheppard refused and was punished as a result of refusing Mr. Hodge’s cash bribe. Hodge then limited Sheppard’s access to party voter data and party events, which greatly harmed Sheppard’s ability to run a campaign with the same tools that were provided to every other Democrat running for office in Orange County, including other primary contests. Hodge has refused to apologize for his attempted bribery and bullying of an African-American candidate for public office.

Orange County Democratic Chair: ‘If it takes broken glass’

That all happened in 2018. Fast forward to the beginning of the violent riots from domestic terrorist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Hodge not only helped organized violent demonstrations behind the scenes in Central Florida, he publicly declared his support for the carnage taking place across America by parroting the talking point that destruction and depravity are justified because of alleged “systemic racism.”

“If it takes a little broken glass to prevent another black man from losing his life, then break the damn glass,” Hodge replied to Randy Ross Tuesday. “Glass can be replaced.”

As per usual, Hodge has a big mouth online and behind the scenes, but when this journalist asked him if “broken glass” and “destruction” were welcome at his residence or properties of his family and friends? Hodge contacted law enforcement and said that a journalist asking him questions as a public figure was “stalking and harassment.” Typical of the cop-hating left. They hate cops and want them defunded when it suits their agenda, but then run crying to law enforcement to silence their political opponents.

Florida Democrats would be wise to not allow Hodge to assume the helm of the statewide party. Not only does he not have the temperament for the job, he’d be limited in what he can do because of his lack of standing among African-American leaders who have not forgotten about how he tried to bribe a Black candidate out of a political race so his chosen candidate wouldn’t face any credible opposition from a fellow Democrat.

Then again, Hodge is kind of the perfect recipe for the Democrats. Racist, cop-hating, domestic terrorist enabling lunatic

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