President Trump In Birthplace Of Black Lives Matter Friday Night

Following Tuesday night’s explosive debate, President Trump will hold a rally in Sanford, Florida, the birthplace of the Black Lives Matter movement following the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012.

With just over 30 days left until the November election, President Trump is returning to the Orlando-Sanford International Airport to rally his base, just as he did in 2016. While the 2016 election was undoubtedly one of the most contested elections in recent memory, 2020 has proven to be more contentious and riddled with violent anarchy in Democrat run cities across America.

Many of this unrest and domestic terrorist activity is fueled by Antifa and their allies in Black Lives Matter, a movement that was born in Sanford, Florida after the death of Trayvon Martin during a scuffle with Sanford resident George Zimmerman, who was later found not guilty.

Both Biden and Trump must win the crucial I-4 corridor, which stretches from Tampa across Central Florida as far east as Sanford, which is located in Seminole County. Seminole County, which was once considered a GOP stronghold, has gone more purple in the past four years, which makes it even more important for President Trump to shore up his base in places like Sanford.

The Biden campaign has opened up a lavish and well-funded office in Downtown Sanford in recent weeks, often blaring the campaigns TV ads or news segments featuring former Vice President Biden and campaign surrogates. While the local GOP has taken a more covert role in the community, activists backing President Trump are often seen waving Trump flags and signs in and around the Sanford area on a weekly basis.

Even though Sanford has not been the subject of domestic terrorist activity from Antifa or the Black Lives Matter mob just yet, BLM mobs have marched through the historic downtown area chanting “BLACK POWER” and a litany of cop-hating slogans we have heard and seen across America in places like Portland and Seattle, where innocent bystanders and law enforcement officers have been violently attacked and even murdered in cold blood.

BLM Protesters Shout “BLACK POWER”, Police Chief Marches Alongside (VIDEO)

Following a vacancy on the Sanford City Council several months ago, the City Commission appointed a lowly city employee who has led the Black Lives Matter mob in Sanford at several marches that have disrupted commerce and traffic flow in Downtown Sanford. This journalist was even attacked by a group of violent left-wing skinheads for writing about the BLM activists’ potential appointment, leading to a special unit from the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office to escort myself and fellow journalist Tyler Whyte from the meeting.

Major League Liberty USA will be outside President Trump’s rally at the Orlando-Sanford International Airport to cover interactions between Trump supporters and any anti-Trump protesters that show up.

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