Pennsylvania Ballots With No Postmarks Could Decide Election

We would have never imagined that the state of Florida would prove to provide the least amount of ballot counting problems in the 2020 election, but the state of Pennsylvania appears to be claiming the mantle of madness this election cycle.

Following a decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, ballots with no postmark would still be counted.

According to NPR.

In its ruling, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court said that ballots could be counted if they were received by 5 p.m. Nov. 6, as long as they were mailed by Election Day, Nov. 3. It also said that ballots without a postmark would “be presumed to have been mailed by Election Day” unless there was strong evidence to the contrary.

Yes, you read that correctly. Instead of someone being required to simply have their ballot postmarked, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has decided that citizens are not even expected to do that. Republicans argued correctly that this could lead to massive voter fraud, as ballots could be held and then mailed or delivered to elections office by Friday November 6th, as required by the state of Pennsylvania.

And if you suspect the ballot, which has no documentation or evidence of being mailed on election day is fraudulent… YOU HAVE TO PROVE SOMETHING IS WRONG. I can’t just go three or four days later to vote in person, backed by the excuse that elections officials should presume that I had been trying to vote on election day or had been trying to for days as I wondered the wilderness attempting to cast my ballot.

That means bad actors, in either party, could release troves of ballots over the next few days as they see updates in the vote tally for candidates on the local level to President of the United States. Down 500 votes? Then you turn in 600 ballots that you know are guaranteed votes for whichever way you want to tip the election.

Bobby Jeffries, a resident of Hershey, PA and author of America’s Perigon, told Major League Liberty USA the following.

The American people as well as the voters of Pennsylvania’s deserve to know the results of this election NOW. It’s apparent that Governor Tom Wolf and the Democrat party are determined to drag this process out for as long as they can.

Furthermore, how can you determine the “chain of custody” of these ballots if you don’t require the simplest of tracking tools like a postmark or scan in from the post office or shipping provider?

The answer is that you can’t.

You can’t tell who has been in possession of the ballot once it was “mailed” or between the time it left the possession of the registered voter and who might have handled it during it’s journey to the elections office.

Any thinking human being, which apparently does not include the brightest legal minds in Pennsylvania, can see how problematic this will be. How impossible it will be for the residents of Pennsylvania and citizens across America to trust the final count.

For once, Florida appears to not be the centerpiece of election trickery. However, this process in Pennsylvania might just be worse than the expected and historical problems presented by Florida election after election.

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  1. Postmarked by nov.3rd count How there are testing from postal workers that there supervisors back dated and post dated votes that were received after the 3rd And the Constitution is written in Our forefathers blood and sweet not some criminal Democratic governor Who did not by law have power to change election from past the 3rd Corruption Fraud and Criminal in so many ways Not to mention chinajoe owes China Not at True Americans expense

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