MUST-READ New Book “America’s Perigon” Features Forward From Roger Stone

Former congressional candidate and political activist Bobby Jeffries has just released his first book, America’s Perigon, which highlights the similarities of the leadership styles and policy decisions made by Presidents Lincoln, Kennedy, Reagan and Donald Trump.

According to Harrisburg100, a Pennsylvania based publication that covers politics, Jeffries came up with the idea for the book in 2017 shortly after meeting Roger Stone in South Florida for the first time.

New book “America’s Perigon” features foreword by Roger Stone written days after his commutation by Trump

A new book, “America’s Perigon,” authored by Bobby Jeffries’ features a foreword by Roger Stone and “details the full circle America and her politics have made under the leadership of President Trump as well as its parallels between that of presidents Lincoln, Kennedy, and Reagan.”

The foreword to the book was written by Roger Stone on July 21, 2020, just 11 days after having his prison sentence commuted by President Trump.

Roger Stone is a seasoned political operative, speaker, pundit, and New York Times Bestselling Author featured in the Netflix documentary “Get Me Roger Stone.”

Major League Liberty USA was able to obtain an advance copy of America’s Perigon before it’s release last week.

An easy read, Jeffries skillfully communicates his central thesis that Lincoln, Kennedy, Reagan and Donald Trump were the leaders needed for their time and extremely effective in advancing the cause of American Exceptionalism and consistently forming the United States into a strong Constitutional Republic that remains the envy of the world.

With all the civil unrest across America and growing uncertainty surrounding the outcome of the 2020 election, America’s Perigon gives you a break from the negativity and division, taking you on a journey that reminds even those who are the most skeptical about America’s future that greatness will forever remain on our horizon as long as we stick to our core values and constitutional principles.

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