Mitt Romney Is A Backstabbing Traitor, Just Like His Father


Appearing with Chris Wallace on Fox News recently, ‘trans-republican’ Senator Mitt Romney, who identifies as a conservative but is really a closet-liberal, criticized President Trump’s “character.” 

This is laughable as Romney the RINO believes in nothing whatsoever, having run for the US Senate in Massachusetts to the left of his opponent Ted Kennedy. 

After a pathetic performance as the Republican candidate for president in 2012, Mittens wanted to run for US Senate from Utah, a state he did not live in. 

He asked President Trump to pressure the Republican State Treasurer out of the US Senate race and sought and got President Trump’s endorsement. 

Having twice received Trump’s assistance to win his seat, Romney, who cannot get over his jealousy that Trump became president and he did not, has repeatedly knifed the president in the back.

This kind of self-centered treachery runs in the family.  Mitt’s father, Michigan Governor George Romney, knifed 1964 Republican Presidential nominee Barry Goldwater in a similar fashion. 

While Utah has no state law allowing the removal of a US senator, I strongly urge Trump supporters in Utah to mount a comprehensive effort to demand Romney’s resignation–perhaps with a massive protest in Salt Lake City. 

Mitt is full of it.

One thought on “Mitt Romney Is A Backstabbing Traitor, Just Like His Father

  1. I’ve observed this unmanly behavior in an Army officer, a commander, that was also a mormon.

    He told his subordinate officers that all NCOs were “fornicators & liars.” Moments later smiling, & mingling among those same NCOs. A capped teeth faux smile golden haired sissy, now a salesman, no doubt a waxed ass one. Anyhow, you know the type. He’ll stand for anything… as long as it doesn’t bring him any test of courage.
    I suppose there may be some brave mormon men. Resilient men of conviction.

    But I haven’t met any.

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