Matt Gaetz Visits New Jersey, Leftist Freak Governor Goes Insane

After photos circulated online of Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz attending an event for the New York Young Republicans in the neighboring state of New Jersey, mask freak leftists and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy literally lost their minds.

An intimate indoor gathering made them big mad, but tens of thousands of screaming Black Lives Matter or Antifa protesters have yet to be called out by the same people.

Gaetz, who is the loudest and proudest defender of President Trump on Capitol Hill, relished the attention from the New Jersey Governor, thanking him for referring to him as handsome and letting him know that he was welcome in the Sunshine State when he eventually flees New Jersey, as so many thousands of others have done due to high taxes and creepy draconian Coronavirus lockdowns that are crippling the states economy.

Predictably, the Hitlerian Democrat Governor of New Jersey raided and shut down the restaurant that hosted Gaetz and the Young Republicans in an act of brazen political retaliation.

Speaking to Major League Liberty USA, Gaetz told us that he finds the people of New Jersey “delightful”.

As Democrats continue their fake transition for “President-Elect” Joe Biden, the Florida Congressman continues to do nightly TV interviews and other media appearances highlighting the massive voter fraud and censorship of conservatives on major digital media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Gaetz most recently introduced the MORE Act earlier today in the United States Congress, which would decriminalize marijuana on the federal level and it just passed in the House.

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