Major League Liberty Broadcast: John Roberts Supreme Court Meltdown!

As tensions rise in America, Chief Justice Roberts has made what might go down in history as the worst decision any Chief Justice of the United States has ever made. Although the official statement from SCOTUS was the Texas lawsuit was shot down due to lack of standing, those who were close to those in the room during  the deliberation  said they heard screaming and shouting coming from what is usually a quiet room.

During the “discussion,” another justice is heard bringing up a similar case that Justice Roberts had heard in the past with similar standing. His response was “don’t bring that case up, I don’t want to hear it, we didn’t have riots then.”

This spineless kowtowing to the left sets the precedent in our highest court that those who are the most violent and unlawful are the ones who get to decide what cases are heard by the Supreme Court and what justice is done, all by how much they can intimidate the American populace. As things behind the scenes in our government start to heat up and get ever more adversarial, this decision might be the catalyst to an overwhelming escalation that no one wants to see.

However, If the Justice is not done for the American people, the consequences of not standing for law and order might lead us to a fate that we can not even possibly imagine. If we allow cowardice in the face of tyranny to take a hold in this country, we will sentence our children to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.


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