Leftist Freaks Celebrate Trump COVID-19 Diagnoses

Within minutes of President Trump’s tweet that he and the First Lady have tested positive for COVID-19, the celebration began for leftwing hacks and celebrities on Twitter. The mainstream fakers and “activists” couldn’t contain their excitement. While many did express their condolences to the Trump family, others simply could not help themselves. “I did slightly leap in the air with joy,” said actor Dominic West, who many might remember from the HBO series The Wire.

CNN Trump haters also joined in, repeating the debunked conspiracy theory that President Trump called Coronavirus “a hoax.” Trump was of course referring to the hysteria drummed up by Democrats and the mainstream media, not denying the existence of the virus itself.

“I just think it’s extraordinary because for so long he’s been saying it’s a hoax,” Don Lemon opined to Chris Cuomo, both of whom are primetime CNN anchors. Lemon also said to a panel “His own dereliction is partly to blame for this. He chose to go out to rallies, he chose to downplay masks.”

Lemon has failed to opine on violent maskless Black Lives Matter or Antifa riots and also failed to mention how even Dr. Fauci and the CDC have consistently gone back and forth on whether masks really matter or not.

Disgruntled former White House employee Anthony Scaramucci in a CNN interview said, “He’s lied about the science for six months, couldn’t protect himself or his family, so how is he going to protect the American people going forward?” Naomi Klein, from The Intercept, gave an armchair analysis of Trump’s inner thoughts, “There is no doubt that Trump is meeting with his advisers and has been trying to figure out how to exploit this.” All of this vitriol, as customary, is delivered without evidence. Not even an anonymous source to be found.

As President Trump was transferred to Walter Reed Hospital last night out of an abundance of caution, sick liberals were filmed celebrating his diagnoses by journalist Jack Posobiec, who has provided insightful reporting on President Trump and Melania’s progress since the news first broke.

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