Kelly Loeffler Is A Mitt Romney Republican, Big-Time Democrat Donor

Last week we reported on the fact that the appointed Georgia United States Senator, used hundreds of illegal immigrants to build a facility on the property of the InterContinental Exchange, which she runs with her husband in Atlanta, Georgia.

While the news about Kelly Loeffler having an extensive history of donating to far-left Democrats has been known for some time, the extent and impact of those donations, has been significantly underplayed by the mainstream media and Loeffler allies.

Despite their being no question about the accuracy or integrity of the federal campaign finance reports detailing the nearly $100,000 Loeffler has donated to rabid pro-abortion and anti-gun Democrats over the years, she still claims to be a cut-in-the-wool conservative Republican who Georgia voters can trust to stand up for President Donald Trump.

However, according to campaign finance reports Loeffler spent the years leading up to Barack Obama’s historic win and well into his second term showering Democrats with big-time contributions. Crazed anti-Trump Democrats like Debbie Stabenow of Michigan and Tom Harkin of Iowa’s campaigns were bolstered by Loeffler’s political purse.

Those who benefited from Loeffler’s generosity had glowing reviews from pro-choice groups, which makes sense since Loeffler’s WNBA basketball team the Atlanta Dream partnered with Planned Parenthood under Loeffler’s watch and she even lobbied to have failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrahams to the WNBA’s “Board of Advocates”.

When examining the donations that flowed from the political action committee controlled by Loeffler and her husband Jeffrey Sprechner, who founded InterContinenal Exchange (the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange), the evidence is even more damning. Not only did Loeffler use her vast wealth to empower far-left Democrats, she relied on her husband’s wealth to do so as well.

As a conservative pro-Trump Republican, would you ever imagine steering $20,000 to Congresswoman Maxine Waters? How about $10,000 to New York United States Senator Chuck Schumer? Or $22,500 to Michigan United States Senator Debbie Stabenow?

Alleged conservative pro-Trump warrior Kelly Loeffler did, and we need to emphasize “alleged.”

Is Kelly Loeffler starting to sound a lot like a Mitt Romney or Never Trump Republican waiting in the wings for the chance to stab the America First agenda in the back? Because she is. In 2012, she gave Romney’s campaign $750,000 and has never apologized for elevating Romney, who spends every day attacking President Trump and siding with far-left Democrats.

Every conservative voter in Georgia should have received a disclosure from Loeffler about her well-documented past as a Democrat mega-donor. Instead, she has hidden her past and few media outlets with the exception of Breitbart have trained a critical eye on her donation history.

In this day and age, we cannot afford squishy elitist posers like Kelly Loeffler.

Georgia residents would be wise to consider someone else on November 3rd, where they can select from three Democrats and Georgia Congressman Doug Collins (a member of the pro-Trump Freedom Caucus).

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