Join President Trump In Georgia Senate Run-Offs, Back Loeffler & Perdue


Major League Liberty ( and endorse in the strongest terms Senator LOEFFLER and Senator PERDUE in the upcoming January 5, 2021 Georgia run-off elections. They are essential allies of President Trump in the battle to protect America from encroaching
socialism and government control. Their election is necessary to secure a CONSERVATIVE MAJORITY in the U. S. Senate.

Although some of you may be discouraged by the ongoing battle to secure a win for President Trump, do not let discouragement or the Leftists’ tactics and propaganda succeed in causing you to fail to vote in the January 5 th Georgia election. The fight continues to re-elect Trump, and electing Loeffler and Perdue is part of the fight.

Voting for Loeffler and Perdue on January 5th will allow the U.S. Senate to remain in a majority conservative control, vital to kill the Left’s most radical proposals: packing the Supreme Court with leftist justices; further eroding our fundamental First and Second Amendment rights; expanding the number of states in order to increase the number of leftist U.S. Senators; granting wide-scale amnesty for illegal aliens; and enacting the bizarre so-called “Green” New Deal and massive tax increases for middle Americans. There may be no coming back for America from such a scenario.

We at Major League Liberty are committed to bringing truth and transparency to our audience, and that includes questioning alleged party orthodoxies and speaking truth to power.

Our fundamental philosophy is to protect the First Amendment and to support America and its workers, particularly those that have been devastated by the globalist push of both parties, including one-sided trade deals, open borders and sanctuary cities that have eroded our industrial base and left many once proud working Americans often without either gainful employment or a reasonable hope for their futures and those of their families.

Consistent with our principles, in the Georgia Republican primary we questioned the America first populist bona fides of Senator Loeffler and suggested a vote for Trump-loyalist Doug Collins was preferable. But Loeffler won the primary, and now the choice is between Loeffler and a radical Leftist. We must fully support both Senator Perdue and Senator Loeffler and defeat their fringe leftist opponents. We will not, as the old expression puts it, “cut off our nose to spite our face.”

Should you be fortunate enough to live in Georgia–vote in the January 5th election, either by mail or at the polling place. Please be sure your conservative family members and friends vote as well. Make no mistake, the future of our country depends on you.

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