Democrats Want Nation To “Move On”, Accept Biden As President

We here at Major League Liberty USA find it quite ironic that the Democrat Party and their leaders in congress want the American people to sit down and shut up about election fraud in the 2020 election.

During today’s Senate hearing on the integrity of the 2020 elections and the rampant voter fraud, many Democrats on the committee and outside of the committee lamented the fact that we are even discussing such issues. Mind you that the Democrats have spent four years refusing to accept the legitimacy of the 2016 elections and have also refused to accept Donald Trump as our duly elected President of the United States.

Rand Paul: The Fraud Happened; This Election in Many Ways Was Stolen (VIDEO)

However, just like their calls for “healing and unity”, they expect us to forget the abuse they have put America under during President Trump’s first term and the way that they cheated the American people out of a free and fair election in 2020. We could go on and site example after example of this hypocrisy, but you get it.


End rant.

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