“Curfew Breakers” Protesters Defy California Governor’s Lockdown Orders

Close to 1,000 Huntington Beach residents spent their Saturday night gathering in the streets to protest California Governor Gavin Newsom’s mandatory 10pm to 5am curfew that effects 41 of 58 counties in the state of California. According to the New York Post and posts on social media, people are simply fed up with the ever changing rules when it comes to curfews and mask mandates.

And honestly, who can blame them. The rules for this pandemic have been rewritten dozens of times over the past six to eight months. From masks not stopping the spread to mask mandates, public health officials and experts can’t seem to get a grasp on what to do. Furthermore, recent studies have confirmed that nearly 90% of people who have contracted the Chinese virus wore their mask “most of” or “all the time.”

When President Trump was ramping up his campaign efforts and beginning to hold massive outdoor rallies, the media and the experts said these were irresponsible “super-spreader” events.

However, when tens of thousands of maskless members of domestic terrorist groups Antifa and Black Lives Matter started wreaking havoc across America, the same mainstream media talking heads and experts said the cause of social justice was “more important” than the risk of contracting and spreading the Chinese virus.

To see California residents defying Governor Gavin Newsom’s lockdown orders give us at Major League Liberty USA hope for the Left Coast.

It should also be noted that law enforcement agencies across America have been extremely vocal about not enforcing these lockdown orders and law enforcement in Huntington Beach, California did not crack down on demonstrators who were peacefully protesting Saturday night (actually peacefully protesting, not BLM or Antifa style “peaceful protests).

As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, do your part and resist these lockdowns or limitations to your celebration with friends and family. The more people that are brave enough to stand up and fight back, the less power these dystopian politicians and their allies will have.

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