Biden Panhandles For Money To Fund Fake Transition

The fantasyland “transition team” of “President-Elect” Joe Biden has begun begging small dollar Democrat donors to fund his transition team, according to Politico. With the official certified election results and electoral college vote still not complete, the results of the presidential election remain uncertain and incomplete. On top of that, President Trump’s campaign is still in the process of challenging the legality of the voting process and votes tallied in several key battleground states.

According to the law, the General Services Administration must “ascertain” a winner before releasing the $10million normally allotted for a presidential transition team. While the media thinks that their “selection” and “determination” that Joe Biden is President-Elect based on projections of vote counts in states where the vote count is not complete, that does not supersede the law or finalized election results and a vote by the Electoral College.

For Biden to fleece small dollar Democrat donors for even more money to fund his fake transition team during the economic downturn, caused by the China flu, is insane. Other news reports also state that Biden has already decide on at least one person to fill a cabinet post in his fake administration and he has also told multiple news agencies that he plans to announce his entire cabinet by next week, possibly before Thanksgiving.

You have to give it to the Democrats, media and Joe Biden. They are trying so hard to make Biden look like President-Elect and it’s exactly the right thing for them to be doing right now. The more they push this idea that Biden is President-Elect, and back it up with all the trappings of someone who is President-Elect, the more the American people will accept it as fact, no matter if it is based in reality or fantasyland.

President Trump is certainly running against the clock and against all odds to prove the massive voter fraud to the American people. However, in his political career and business career, he has always secured huge victories against all odds. Now is the time for him to surprise the world once again.

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