2021 Could Bring Us Formidable Third Party Candidates On The Left & Right

While we are still awaiting the official outcome of the 2020 presidential election as the Trump campaign’s legal challenges make their way through the court system, many have been left wondering what will happen if the courts deny President Trump the rulings he needs to capture re-election.

There has been discussion about the possibility that Trump’s base, frustrated with the GOP’s failure to fight for honest election results, could bolt the GOP for a Trump backed third party. Launching a third party and securing ballot access in all 50 states is costly and takes time, but Trump would have both the funds necessary and the time needed if he wanted to plot a 2024 run for President of the United States as the leader of a Trump-focused third party. Though it would be tight, he might even be able to get the party off the ground in time for the 2022 mid-terms, which would be used as a testing ground for how many people he could actually turn out and take away from the GOP base.With the amount of frustration and upset at the GOP establishment for caving so quickly to the media and Biden, a third party built around Trump could be an outlet for those frustrations shared by millions of registered Republicans.

However, taking down the two-party duopoly is no simple task. Siphoning voters from the GOP voter rolls could lead to Democrat victories in districts or states that Democrats could never dream of adding to their column in this current climate. That’s where people like AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talib and other radical leftists enter the equation. They have made it perfectly clear that they want all their demands met by the Biden/Harris administration… or else. So, what could that “or else” mean? In theory, they have enough of a following and platform to branch off from the Democrat party to form an ultra-left third party where they have no obligation to compromise on their strongly held beliefs or continue to get screwed by the Democrat establishment. The reasoning is similar to a Trump-centric third party on the right.

If this perfect storm were to occur, it could very well be the end of the stranglehold the two-party duopoly has wielded over the American people for decades. If we have learned anything since 2016, it’s that you can “never-say-never” in this day and age, no idea is too far fetched or too unattainable.

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